“Good dog, Biggles”

“Good dog, Biggles”

It’s what Farmer Joe says to me at the end of every day, and apart from “find the mouse” it’s my favourite thing in the world to hear.


I’m Biggles, and ruff – I am such a lucky dog. I live in the most amazing place a Jack Russel Terrier could want to live: yeah, that’s right – an Australian Farm! I know mate, it’s tops. Every single day there’s work to do, games to play and exciting smells that make my nose sizzle. But my first job is to show you around this sunny patch of internet you’ve found. Good human, well done. Anyway, this is the place to find out all about my adventures on my Australian farm. Oh yeah, don’t mind Cat. She always looks a bit snarly; it’s just her way. Hey, hey, ruff! Watch that wobbly step as you come off the verandah, too. Good on ya.

Come on! Run this way!

Read the first book in a series all about yours truly: The first book in a series of stories about Biggles – the little farm dog who uses grit and resilience to help his Farmer and get through his day. Yep – a Jack Russel can teach human pups a lot about never giving up – while they’re having fun with me. I’m multi-talented like that.

An Australian children’s picture book with access to early learning framework resources.
Every Biggles book comes with a free bookmark.

Even better, each book means a donation to Berry Street, who help kids be safe, hopeful and thriving. 





Do you want to bring home a copy of my first book to read to the little people you love? Do ya? You do don’t ya? Grrrrrreat – you do! You can get a copy right here (I promise I haven’t even licked it – well, yeah, nah, I licked it a bit. Good as a book, pretty boring a as toys go though…)
Hey, guess what? My second book is out now too! I could jump for joy. Ruff ruff!! In this story, I see all my mates on the farm have special qualities. And I think they’re awesome! But sometimes, that makes me feel a bit smaller than them, you know? But don’t worry about me, by the end of the story my mates help me discover the awesome things about me. You might even say, I’ve got superpowers! I bet you’ve got superpowers too! Read along with me, and we’ll find them together. Ruff!
Meet everyone who helps tell my stories right here. From the author to the illustrator to Farmer Joe. Even Cat. Even though she didn’t get off the rocking chair. Nah, she’s alright – it’s just her way.
I like you, hey, can we be friends? I mean, that’d be great wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it? It would – that’s grrrrrrrreat, ruff! If you want to be the first to know about new books, upcoming events, and heaps of other exciting things happening in my world, get your name on my very special pawsmail here. I’ll just sniff around your inbox every so often, I won’t pee in it – that’s what outside’s for!
Aw hey – are you a parent, teacher, or organisation who works with young children? Firstly, I salute you. You deserve my best ever “Ruff!” Secondly, you might want to ask some questions on how to work these books into your curriculum. I’ve got humans prepared with answers for stuff like that. All you need to do is send us a (regular, human) email here. Let me at it! I’ll grab it by the scruff and get it sorted! What’s next? No seriously, why are you stopping mate? I’m nowhere near tired yet, let’s go. Let’s do it. Keep up. Ruff!

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    As a clinical psychologist of 20+ years experience and a mother of 4 for most as long, I know how hard it can be to teach children the personal values and character traits we want them to aspire towards. There are loads of children’s books available to teach our children – in one of the easiest ways possible… storytelling – all about their different emotions. There are very few that so effectively capture and ‘teach’ our ids about the qualities they possess or could work towards. However, Vanessa has nailed this. Through her sweet stories about Biggles, she articulates qualities such as work ethic, self esteem and gratitude, hard work and helpfulness. A great starting point for parents and teachers, the Biggles Books will be a great addition to your library.
    Kirstin Bouse, Director, Perth Psychology Collective

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