Biggles Finds his Superpowers


Biggles Finds His Superpowers

Written by Dr Vanessa Thiele

Illustrated by Jenny K Barnes

Includes a hardcover picture book, and a free Biggles bookmark. Make sure you click the link to the free downloadable accompanying Teacher/ Parent Resources too!

For every book purchased $1 is donated to Berry Street, who help kids be safe, hopeful and thriving.



Biggles Finds his Superpowers is the second in the series following on from Biggles Goes to Work. This book uses delightful rhyming verse and stunning watercolour illustrations to tell the tale of friendship and self-discovery as a little dog learns his superpowers (aka, character strengths).

On a lovely summer’s day, Biggles is out visiting his farm friends, Lochie the Clydesdale, Sheri the sheep, and Tiddles the cat. He sees that each of them has a special quality that he admires. In comparison, he feels like there is nothing special about him. With the help of his friends, Biggles learns that he does indeed have special strengths. He is kind, and courageous, and most of all, his greatest superpower is being a good friend. Biggles finally sees himself in a different light, and feels proud of his uniqueness.