Bundle: Books 1 & 3


Biggles Finds His Superpowers

Written by Dr Vanessa Thiele

Illustrated by Jenny K Barnes

Includes a hardcover picture book, and a free Biggles bookmark. Make sure you click the link to the free downloadable accompanying Teacher/ Parent Resources too!

For every book purchased $1 is donated to Story Dogs who focus on reading skills.



Book One – Biggles Goes to Work

Biggles Goes to Work is the first Biggles book introducing Biggles the Jack Russell, who is going off to work in the field with Farmer Joe. Biggles loves to help out with the land cultivation and hay baling, and takes to his jobs with diligence and enthusiasm!

Working the farm can be hot, dusty and tiring work, but Biggles enjoys contributing and helping farmer Joe, unlike Cat, who prefers to be lazy and becomes bored and cranky in her idleness. At the end of the day, Biggles finds his effort is greatly appreciated. He reflects on how good it feel to help others, and snuggles up to the fire when work is done.

Book themes: This book taps into resilience, work ethic, altruism and values.

Book Three – Biggles the Persistent Pup

Biggles is a good dog, who tries hard to help out farmer Joe on the farm. Sometime though, mastering new skills can be really hard. Biggles struggles with some of the farm tasks, only to find that less than helpful onlookers, in the form of some teasing bunnies, a critical fox and sniggering mice, laugh at him from the sidelines. Thankfully, Biggles learns to believe in himself, and has the courage to try again. He manages to succeed with his tasks, and feels proud and confident in himself.
Book Themes: This book taps into resilience, courage and self-belief.